Contacting Dr. Fred Beck and the U.S. Chiropractic Association

 The ACA was invited by the Joint Commission 
    to discuss Dr. Fred Becks proposal to make   
        Chiropractic services mandatory in all       
                   accredited U.S. hospitals.                   
           The ACA's failure to meet with the           
     Joint Commission and iron out the details      
         has cost the our profession billions of          
                        potential dollars.!!!                         

                                                                                                           THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSIONS 2009

     The president of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

has voiced concern over the White Paper drafted by the

American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the ICA

and other Chiropractic organizations in regards to National

Health Care. This paper is wordy and fails to clearly state

exactly what we are asking for.  Obviously the writers of this

paper failed to properly decide on the purpose of this

document before writing it.  Although well written, the paper

has no inherent strategy behind it and is therefore doomed to

fail.  The paper may actually be effective in eliminating

Chiropractic care in its entirety from  future National Health

Care coverage. Policy makers are not likely to read the entire

report.  Even if they do read the report, it is unclear what the

Chiropractic profession is asking for in regards to how we

would fit into a national health care plan.  We need to tell the

legislators exactly what we are seeking.

     On top of the list, at the beginning of this report, we

should be diplomatically demanding that all services under

a chiropractors scope of practice be reimbursed.  There

must be parity between the services that chiropractors and

medical doctors are allowed to offer and parity in

reimbursement. A patient’s co-payments for chiropractic

services must not be any higher than those for primary

medical providers.  The co-pay must be substantially

less than the allowed amount for the chiropractic adjustment.

 Insurers and managed care companies must be required to

apply cost containment measures to chiropractic and

medical services in an equal manner.

     Believe it or not, most people are not familiar with the

education and training of a chiropractor.  When making a

claim that we can fill the void for primary care physicians,

we must educate the politicians as to our scopes of practice.

 They do not know that we can order laboratory tests and

other diagnostic testing necessary to arrive at an accurate

differential diagnosis.  We need to train them that although

the “adjustment” for correcting “subluxations” is our claim

to fame, we have been educated as doctors to examine, test,

and arrive at an accurate medical diagnosis on a patient, as

well as a chiropractic diagnosis. 

     The White paper as written gives the impression, that the

chiropractic profession needs to refer patients to medical

doctors to arrive at a medical diagnosis.  There is no savings

to insurance by utilizing the chiropractic profession, if a

medical referral is always required to examine, test, and

arrive at a medical diagnosis on a patient.

 A copy of the White Paper can be found at under the file sharing section



A copy of strategy by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association can be

found by the file sharing  section of this website. (Chiropractic_


MAY - 2009

      The Department of Health and Human Services,
Office of the Inspector General as issued a report,
“Inappropriate Medicare Payments For
Chiropractic Services” dated May 2009

       You walk into the hospital to have a baby and you are

more than likely to have major surgery that is unnecessary

to deliver the baby.  You walk into a pediatrician’s office

with your child and more than likely the child will be given

an antibiotic that is not necessary.  You experience heart

attack like symptoms and have cardiac surgery although

the symptoms that brought you to the hospital were actually

caused by an inflamed gallbladder that was not ruled out by

the cardiac surgeon.  You walk into a pain clinic because

you have pain and you leave a drug addict.  All of these

scenario’s, plus a ton of additional ones, occur each and

every day, thousands upon thousands of times.  Medical

specialists are not screening their patients properly and

are performing unnecessary and very dangerous

procedures.  This is well known, documented by medical

researchers and honest medical professionals.

     Rarely do you see a neurologist refer a migraine

sufferer to a Chiropractor.  One or two adjustments

and the migraine sufferer may very likely never

experience another such headache in their lifetime. 

The financial savings over the lifetime of the patient

is astronomical.  The quality of life that the patient

has achieved under such care is irreplaceable. 

This holds true for the asthma  patient,

the idiopathic scoliosis patient, the patient

with the infertility problem that may respond to

conservative Chiropractic care, the hypertensive

patient whole hypertension is spinally related etc. 

There are many conditions in which a substantial 

percentage of patients will respond to Chiropractic

manipulative care with a permanent relief of symptoms.

     You go to the neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon for

back pain and he operates on you, resulting in bills adding

up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And worse yet,

the outcome of the procedure may be quite poor.  The

Chiropractor down the street could have provided a good

to excellent outcome, without harm to the patient. 

But only 5% of the general population goes to a

Chiropractor.  The neurosurgeon could have referred

the vast majority of his patients to a competent

Chiropractor and there would have been no

need or desire by the patient to have back surgery. 

This happens thousands upon thousands of times each

day. The surgeons can make tens if not hundreds of

thousands of dollars or more on each case, regardless

of whether the surgery provided a positive outcome or not. 

Many peoples lives are destroyed because of the outcomes

of these surgeries.  All of these doctors get paid for tens

of thousands of different procedures codes.  Chiropractors

have the same training in providing an accurate

differential diagnosis (both medical and chiropractic)

yet we get paid for only one procedure code (spinal

manipulation).  A patient is not covered for imaging,

diagnostic testing, therapy, examinations etc. under

Medicare.  This is obviously unfair to the Doctor of

Chiropractic and his patient.  For that one procedure

that Medicare will pay for (they won’t pay for

manipulation that is extra-spinal) we get about

$30.00, give or take.  It is obvious the entire health

care crisis is caused by the Chiropractic profession

(sarcasm).  Obviously, organized medicine sees an

opportunity to destroy the Chiropractic profession

(a competitive health care profession).  They know

that we are defenseless since we do not have even

one trade association looking out for our interests. 

Organized medicine is aware that they can be found

guilty in the future of violating the original Wilk

Anti-Trust settlement.  But they know that now is

the time for them to strike and provide the biggest

blow ever to the Chiropractic profession.  They are

not looking to leave any survivors.  Organized

medicine was not able to contain the nurse

practitioners because a strong trade association

represented them.  Organized medicine was not able

to contain the Osteopathic association because they

too had a strong association.  Chiropractors do not

have a trade association looking out for our interests. 

We are a profession that is stagnant.  A profession

under control by a few fringe fanatics.  A profession

with no clue as to where our future lies.  Chiropractic,

a profession represented by people that lack any

vision or insight into the future of the profession. 

A profession that has been seeing only 5% of the

population for the last 100 years.  A population of

patients that is actually in the decline in recent years. 

A profession that has let practice builders, and fringe

fanatics determine the direction of the profession. 

While the nurse practitioners have effectively

established an ever expanding, large patient base

in relatively a short time, the Chiropractic profession

has effectively seen our miniscule patient base decline. 

The difference is that the other health care professions

have leaders with goals and strategies.  Our profession

has national leaders that would better serve the

plumbing industry, since they have been quite effective

in flushing our profession down the toilet.

                                                               Fred Beck, D.C.

A copy of the Department Of Health and Human Services paper can

be found in the file sharing section of this website.


We Endorse Wisconsin Chiropractic Associations Intellectual Initiative "Reinventing The ACA" !!!
     The U.S. Chiropractic Association and Fred Beck, D.C. applauds the efforts of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association in regards to their 24-page document, “Reinventing The ACA”.  The Wisconsin Chiropractic Association’s initiative is well thought out and intellectually sound.  Our future survival requires goals and strategic planning.  Survival requires an upgrading of the image that the Chiropractic profession presents to the public. Improving the image of how the public perceives us is not accomplished by magazine advertising.  It comes by upgrading the science of the profession, the proficiency of its members, and the professionalism of members when interacting with the public and other health care professionals. 

      I honestly do not believe that the ACA leadership would willingly reorganize or follow through on any of the strategies presented by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association.  We hope that their document achieves changes within the ACA.  Although, personal experience has already taught me that the ACA is not interested in the future survival of the profession.  The ACA has ignored opportunities handed over to them on a silver platter by me.  I believe that the ACA’s leadership has a very low opinion in regards to the competence, qualifications and professionalism of our profession.   Possibly a lower opinion than even the public and other health care provider groups.  The Wisconsin Chiropractic Association document is a call for change.  It demonstrates that members within our profession can get together and professionally agree on a strategy to achieve future greatness for the profession and the long-term survival of Chiropractic.  If the ACA is not up for the task at hand, the profession will need to stick together and and choose a new national association for leadership.  Whether that leadership comes from the U.S. Chiropractic Association, or some other organization, is not important.  What is important is having a national united voice for the profession.  The U.S. Chiropractic Association is prepared to fully support any organization up to the tasks outlined by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association. The U.S. Chiropractic Association endorses the concepts presented in the Wisconsin document.  Wisconsin Chiropractors should be proud to have an association that truly is looking out for their welfare and the survival of the profession.  The public served by Doctors of Chiropractic in the State of Wisconsin is the beneficiaries of an association that promotes the highest standards of Chiropractic health care.


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